January 12, 2020

Book Club

I would absolutely love if you would join me next Sunday night, January 12th, to bring in my 33rd year of life with an extra special Acoustic Night. We'll be at a magical new bookstore surrounded by music, poetry, and Tiny Beautiful Things*

It would make my year to see you there.

Acoustic Night Presents (drum roll please, in alphabetical order)
Isaac Gillespie
Jamie Agnello
Jocelyn Mackenzie
Matt Sucich

Sunday, January 12th
7:00 PM (to begin at 7:15 PM)
Book Club
197 East 3rd Street
New York, NY 10009

Come early & buy books!!! Book Club is the perfect new place to purchase all those books for your New Years' resolutions to read more :) Make sure to show some love to the MVP of the night, Nat Esten, for being the best drummer/singer in '90s cover band history and for hosting us at his beautiful bookstore.


*This is a book reference because I'm on theme.