December 22, 2012

Big Sur

My dear cousin Johnny Alfi and I went on the greatest of American Road trips (to Canada) and took this show on the road - quite literally! Along our grand adventure in our sturdy SUV, Orangina Gina Gina, we recorded several videos (some of which we are not sharing with the non-roadtrip public) but we had a blast making them and I hope you'll have a blast watching them. The first video we recorded somewhere in the trees between Santa Cruz and Portland (which we did in one shot - let me tell you, not an easy feat!)

The second video we taped in the glory that is BIG SUR. We had a little audience of Asian tourists who stopped to tape Johnny out their window and clapped vigorously when he was done. We joked about doing fan interviews at one point but never did.

The third video is in PORTLAND - oh Portland Portland Portland. This was the FIRST time we were in Portland (we would unknowingly go back TWICE mostly for food related endeavors) Gettin' Fat in Portland with the lumberjacks!

And lastly, we recorded this video the second time we were in Portland at the Northwest Hostel, which was our home for 3 nights of our trip! Mostly uneventful (other than lots of good letter writing and poem reading on Christmas) but we did get to witness one of the most awkward human beings of all time hitting on a sad girl who was staying there.

Hope you enjoyed a little of our road trip, I know we did :) Missin the road but mostly missing my brave driver.
Good Morning Portlandddddd and Happy Hanukkah!

Johnny Alfi