September 30, 2012

Chaele's House

Hey Hey Hey Ya'll
I know I know, 2 days advance is NOT enough time to block out the afternoon in your trapper keeper calendar insert. IM SORRY. BUT: this Acoustic Night is going to be very very lovely so I hope you can make it out! We will be in a backyard in the wonderful borough of BROOKLYN (Cuz Chaele's FROM Brooklyn, what it look like?) Info below!

Sunday September 30th
3:30 PM - fun and freeeeeee

141 st. Marks avenue
Brooklyn NY 11238
(it will be in the backyard, there will be signage, probably in chalk, follow it!)

Feel free to bring empty jars, they will go to good use.
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Isaac Gillespie
Emma Bates
Cate Whitman
Rachel Laitman
Ryan Hobler
Mary Mettias