April 19, 2012

Hudson Park Library

When I was growing up, the public library in my town had a basement called "LEVELS" where the more "alternative" kids would hang out. I wasn't actually one of those kids (except for a short stint in 6th grade when I took a dance class at LEVELS that may or may not have included a dance to a Jamiroquai song...) but I did attend some pretty rockin' shows there. This month's Acoustic Night NY will be an ode to library shows. Join us at the Hudson Park Library at 66 Leroy on the 19th - ALL AGES - bring your whole fam!

As always Fun & Free.
6:00-8:00 (BE ON TIME!)

Mike Savino (Tall Tall Trees)
Rayvon Browne
Paul Tabachneck
Chris Faroe