June 23, 2011


**PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE! We are now getting started around 8:30 :) Hope this doesn't change anyones plans in a bad way!

Acoustic Night NY is making it's first WEST COAST appearance THURSDAY NIGHT at 8:30 PM! Join us for what is sure to be a night full of shenanigans.

For more information on the venue: www.dtlabikes.com - a beautiful bike store that is letting us use their roof! And for more information on the monthly New York series: www.acousticnightny.com

BYOB (beer, bubbles, bobka, bourekas, baby bears, beans, boba, bowler hats, bongo drums, bandanas, bananas...)

See you there!!!

Scott Cassidy
Johnny Alfi
Saba Farmanara
Max Gillespie